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Perspective Recruitment Managing Director, An Ngo, serves on the committee for the charity, ReachVN. This organization looks after orphans in Vietnam.

The philanthropic work of ReachVN, focuses on providing a means of building and sustaining agricultural and farming growth, but also to teach the villagers the necessary skills of how to do so.  An old aphorism states that 


"if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he will not go hungry".

A similar paradigm is applicable here. Better to teach and educate than to simply throw money at the problem and hope for a short cut resolution. Education is providing a growing population with knowledge that will give them the means to improve their standard of living.

The modern social milieu demands a great deal not only from its growing population as a collective, but also from the individual who shapes and moulds it. It is in educating the individual who is considerate towards humanity as well as knowledgeably sound that we can create a better and more hopeful future.

Partnering to empower through education.  Bringing hope for a better future

You can find more information about ReachVN at

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