Perspective Recruitment values the contribution of all staff and is committed to the provision of equal opportunity and freedom from all forms of discrimination. 

Perspective Recruitment is committed to creating a work environment where its employees are treated with dignity and respect and where diversity is valued. 

Perspective Recruitment strives to prevent discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political persuasion, national extraction or social origin. 

Perspective Recruitment will take steps to promote equal opportunity. 

Perspective Recruitment will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or offensive behaviour based upon the above grounds at any time. This policy stipulates some principles and processes by which Perspective Recruitment will seek to address such acts, in order to promote equal opportunity. 

1. This policy applies to all employees, including supervisors and managers. This policy will also apply to service providers, clients and customers and covers any forum which is work related such as conferences, work functions, office parties or business field trips. 

2. State and Federal Anti-Discrimination laws prohibit discrimination under what is known as “grounds of discrimination”. These are: 

a. Sex 

e. Age 

i. Relatives or associates 

b. Pregnancy 

f. Homosexuality 

j. Colour 

c. Ethnicity 

g. Transgender 

k. Descent 

d. Nationality 

h. Family responsibilities 

l. Religion 

3. Discrimination may be defined as treating a person with particular attributes less favourably, in the same or similar circumstances than another person. There are two types of discrimination: 


I. Direct discrimination 

Direct discrimination occurs when a person is disadvantaged or treated less favourably than someone else because of the attribute. Direct discrimination can occur regardless of the discriminator’s motive and whether or not they are aware of the discrimination or consider the treatment less favourable. 

II. Indirect discrimination 

Indirect discrimination occurs when a practice or policy appears to be fair because it treats everyone in the same way, but in effect it disadvantages a higher proportion of people possessing the attribute and is not reasonable in the circumstances. Whether a person who is alleged to have committed an act of direct/indirect discrimination intended the act to be discriminatory is irrelevant. 

Victimisation may happen if a person is subjected to less favourable treatment because it is known or suspected that the person has made or proposes to make a complaint against another person under this policy or has brought or proposes to bring proceedings under any of the anti-discrimination laws. 

4. Perspective Recruitment will treat any complaint related to discrimination both seriously and sympathetically. Perspective Recruitment will take steps to fully investigate any complaint and where necessary, will act as expeditiously as possible. Should the investigation determine a breach of this policy has been committed, disciplinary action may be instituted which may include termination of employment. 

5. Should the complaint be of such a nature that it is too sensitive to be discussed with the employee’s manager or supervisor, then the employee may approach the company Director or their representative. 

6. Perspective Recruitment requires any individual who is informed of the nature of the complaint to make every endeavour to deal with the matter in the strictest of confidence. 



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